Considering Hygienic Wall Cladding?

Saniclad Hygienic wall and ceiling wall protection can be used as an excellent alternative to tiling, no more having to look at dirty grout lines or mold covered ceiings. Typical applications for Saniclad products are  kitchen food preparation areas, food storage, wet rooms, washrooms, clinical areas, school corridors the list is endless.

At Saniclad we have always strived to develop new products for use in todays demanding environments, our list below gives a  brief description of our range and its uses. For more information please give us a call on 01515562800 or email us @

SaniBoard: An Impact resistant hygienic10mm thick board, can be machined (routed etc), negates the use of plasterboard to line walls speeding up installation, it is possible to create a void to hide services.

Sanishield Embossed: 2mm impact resistant wall sheet, subtle anti scratch finish, recommended for use in high traffic areas such as corridors & changing rooms.

SaniShield white Satin:

SaniShield Gloss:

Saniclad LtdConsidering Hygienic Wall Cladding?