Why Do You Need PVC Ceiling Cladding?

If you are in the process of renovating your residential property or a commercial property, you may be considering your options when it comes to the ceilings. One particular type of solution that has become more and more popular over the last couple of decades is PVC ceiling cladding.

Perhaps you are completely new to the idea of using PVC cladding or paneling, or perhaps you have been on the fence about whether or not it is worth installing it. In the following post we aim to put some of your concerns to rest about this ingenious solution for providing insulation, protection against the build-up of moisture, mold and bacteria.

We will do this by highlighting many of the great benefits of using PVC ceiling cladding.

Great For Insulation

PVC ceiling cladding will help to insulate whatever room you install it in, both with regards to sound and heat. It will help to control the levels of sound and heat both on the inside of a specific room and the outside. They can also help to improve and enhance how effective your room heaters and air conditioning units operate.

The Require Virtually No Maintenance

Compared to other surfaces and materials, PVC ceiling cladding stands out when it comes to the subject of maintenance and keeping it clean. It is especially noteworthy that PVC as a material does not absorb water or other liquids, so mould does not have the chance to develop or spread and this helps to keep bacteria levels down incredibly low.

Any dirt or grime that builds up on PVC can be wiped away easily using water and a cloth. It is advised that you avoid using too much soap or detergent when cleaning PVC as it could taint it or cause it to deteriorate quicker.

Lots of Options

Nowadays PVC cladding panels are available in a wide range of different sizes, both lengths and thickness. They are also available in a huge array of different patterns and colours. So, no matter what your home or other property’s decor is like, you will be able to find a PVC ceiling cladding style and colour to match it perfectly.

They Are Incredibly Easy To Install

Compared to other types of wall and ceiling paneling, PVC cladding is incredibly quick and easy to install. As well as being very lightweight, at just 3.5 kg to 4 kg per sq. metre, most are fitted together like pieces of a jigsaw puzzle using tongue and groove fixings.

Robust, Durable and Long Lasting

As noted further up the page, PVC cladding require little to no maintenance. They are also robust and very durable and do not suffer changes in their colour or start to fade in the same way other materials do. This means that they are also designed to last a far longer time than other materials.

Cost-Effective and Great Return On Investment

Following on nicely from the last point, it is noteworthy that PVC cladding is generally a more cost-effective solution compared to the other options open to you for your property’s ceilings. As they are designed to last a long time, require little to no maintenance and have great insulation and anti-mould properties, they are also incredibly cost-effective.

Even if having PVC cladding installed cost more than other, more inferior materials, it would still make more sense investing in them thanks to the return you are likely to get.

So, if you are still debating about whether PVC cladding on the internal ceilings of your property, regardless of whether it is a commercial or business property, your own home or a residential property you own, consider the points above. We feel that when you take the major benefits you can experience from having PVC cladding installed, into consideration, it is not really a tough decision to make.

Not only will PVC cladding mean you do not have as much or intensive cleaning or maintenance to carry out quite as regularly; but it will also benefit your building by helping to keep heat in and ensure that your air conditioning units run more efficiently.

A further benefit of PVC cladding is that it can now be bought online with relative ease. Companies like SaniClad have online stores you can purchase their products from, offering a wide range of lengths, thickness, patterns and colours as previously noted.

The decision to have PVC cladding installed is yours and only you can make it, but we feel that this is the sensible option if you want to save money in the long run and have a clean and hygienic property.

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Richard JonesWhy Do You Need PVC Ceiling Cladding?
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Why Do You Need PVC Hygienic Wall Cladding?

We are living in a period of time when health and safety should be one of the main concerns for every business. However, it can be a mountainous task trying to stay fully compliant with various regulations and requirements. This is why so many businesses are turning to PVC hygienic wall cladding and its many benefits when renovating their workplaces.

If you have joined the wall cladding party late, or have remained on the fence until now about whether it was worth investing in or not – we may have information that changes your mind. In the following article we are going to discuss the applications of PVC wall cladding and its various benefits.

This post will be of particular interest to anyone who has a business that has high traffic and high risk areas, a laboratory or even just processes food. However, don’t feel that PVC wall cladding is only good for its hygienic benefits, it also looks very aesthetically appealing. This is why we are noticing that more and more residential homeowners are opting for PVC cladding in their utility rooms, bathrooms and kitchens.

They can also be used in public use building such as leisure centres, gyms, hospitals and schools.

Hygiene Comes First

If you run a business, such as a cafe or restaurant and are involved in the preparation of food, you appreciate the need to abide by strong food hygiene and safety regulations. It can be a lot of laborious hard work to establish and maintain a cleaning routine.

For instance if you have stainless steel cladded or even painted or tiled walls, you will know only too well how hard these surfaces are to maintain. It can be incredibly difficult to clean grouting and tiling that has cracks, particularly when time is a factor in a busy cooking environment. These surfaces, as well as painted walls are ideal homes and breeding grounds for bacteria to thrive.

Easier To Maintain and Keep Clean

When PVC Cladding is used on walls instead though, it is much easier to clean and keep free from infections and contamination. If it has been installed properly, PVC wall cladding can take minutes to clean properly, and as it is both chemical and moisture resistant, it doesn’t attract mould. So if you invest in PVC wall cladding, you will have a hygienic and durable decor that will continue to look great for many years to come.

Can Be Beneficial For Your Business In Further Ways

Say for instance, you have a business that has sensitive areas that are often seen by members of the public, such as your customers and clients. We are referring to facilities such as a busy office/reception area, takeaway restaurant or an open plan kitchen where your customers can see what is happening and how food is prepared. PVC wall cladding is ideal for these setups because it comes in a variety of aesthetically pleasing colours, so you will be able to find a hygienic surface that matches your branding.

When your customers and clients see your PVC walls and how clean they are, because they are easy to maintain, it’ll make them feel more confidence in your business.

Easier and Quicker To Install Than Alternative

In addition to it being visually appealing and easy to clean and maintain, it is also incredibly easy to install and does not take as much time to complete installation as other wall coverings and surfaces.

You can also tailor your choice of PVC cladding to meet the needs of your business, in terms of thicknesses and lengths.

Can Be Bought Online

AS if the above wasn’t enough, PVC wall cladding is very easy to buy and can even be bought online, if you choose to get it through a company like SaniClad. This is ideal, if you find that you have very little time to devote to visiting places and businesses when looking at suitable wall coverings.

So if you are looking to renovate your business premises, a public building or even just your residential property, PVC wall cladding should be one of your top considerations. Not only is it a lot easier and quicker to install than other wall preparations and coverings, but it is also easier to maintain and lasts a lot longer, thanks to its aforementioned chemical and moisture resistance.

It will help your business to maintain a good reputation among your customers and clients and although it may cost more initially than other coatings and preparations, it will provide better return on investment than many of them.

So, whether you are new to the world of PVC cladding or not, we hope we have shown how it could really benefit you and your property, whether its a commercial or a residential one.

If you’d like to know more, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

Richard JonesWhy Do You Need PVC Hygienic Wall Cladding?
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SaniShield Embossed Wall Protection

Saniclad has launched a new embossed wall protection product specifically designed to be used in busy public areas such as school and hospital corridors. It is not only hygienic but scratch and impact resistant. The main benefit of choosing SaniShield is to reduce future maintenance costs by preventing the need to paint and repair walls periodically.

John MayeSaniShield Embossed Wall Protection
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