Benefits to Installing Saniclad Hygienic Wall Cladding

There are huge benefits to installing PVC Wall Panels. Not only are they cost effective, pvc wall panels offer:

  • Active antimicrobial protection – Kills microbes
  • Eliminates many types of mold, fungi and bacteria, including antibiotic resistant microbes (e.g. MRSA, VRE etc.)
  • Long life service of the antimicrobial action
  • Proven biocidal capabilities through independent tests
  • Resistant to a wide range of chemicals
  • Withstands frequent cleaning
  • Not digestible by bacteria (Rigid PVC)
  • High fire resistance
  • Allows for excellent adhesion
  • Wide service temperature range
  • Easy to install and maintain
  • Cheaper than tiles

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Saniclad LtdBenefits to Installing Saniclad Hygienic Wall Cladding