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Looking for DIY PVC Hygienic Wall Cladding? Saniclad Stocks The Highest Quality Wall Protection Sheeting in the UK – You Won’t Beat Us On Price.

Successfully installing hygienic wall cladding which is guaranteed to contain no bulking agents such as chalk & PVC regrind

Saniclad Ltd is one of the U.K’s most trusted brands for PVC hygienic wall cladding & PVC ceiling cladding. Established in 2009 the company has grown exponentially, fast becoming the food/leisure industries first choice product in areas that require a high standard of hygiene. At Saniclad we don’t do gimmicks, budget lines and let downs, we constantly strive to provide a quality product and service and that’s why our valued customers stay with us.

Working in partnership with our manufacturers we have developed a wall protection system that has excellent bacteria, fire (class0-1) & chemical resistance properties. Our sheet material is a virgin product which means no bulking agents such as chalk or reground PVC is added during the manufacturing process which reduces the strength and quality.

Saniclad wall protection is easy to install and maintain and is considered a superior alternative to ceramic tiling which has been shown to harbour and encourage the growth of bacteria in the grout lines. A wide range of colours & surface textures are available which allow the product to be more versatile in use.

If your project requires installation then rest assured that you are in capable hands, with over 2500 projects successfully completed since 2009 our reputation within the industry speaks for itself. Our competitive rates combined with our 2 year labour and 15 year product warranty make Saniclad an easy choice – learn about us today.

If you wish to discuss your project or material requirements, please call one of our experts on 01515562801 or email info@saniclad.co.uk. and we will get back to you the same day.

Alternatively, if you wish to visit our secure online shop please follow the link www.saniclad.co.uk/shop/ or contact our sales office in the UK on 01515562800. For any enquiries in Europe please call 00351282760249.

Why Do You Need PVC Hygienic Wall Cladding?

Hygienic PVC Wall Cladding is a popular way of creating a hygienic environment in kitchens, bathrooms or changing rooms, laboratories or any commercial or domestic room which needs to be clean.

The cladding forms a sealed finish, and has antimicrobial protection. It does not absorb moisture so it is free from mould and mildew and it is easy to clean requiring minimal maintenance. It is easy to install, long lasting and is available in a number of colours.

Why Do You Need PVC Ceiling Cladding?

PVC ceiling cladding is a hygienic way to create a ceiling, particularly in bathrooms, locker rooms, kitchens and laboratories. The cladding does not hold any moisture, even from steam, and this helps to prevent mould and mildew problems and keeps them free from unwanted bacteria. Unlike wooden panels or plaster ceilings, they are easy to keep clean, easy to install and they do not require any painting.

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