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Where can Hygienic Cladding Be Used?

Hygienic Cladding can be used on ceilings and walls cheaply and effectively. Saniclad have installed hygienic cladding in domestic bathrooms, shower rooms, wet rooms and kitchens. With the increase of domestic applications of cladding in bathrooms and kitchens across Britain, our hygienic cladding is now available in multiple colours and patterned mosaic to emulate a tiled effect.

For areas such as bathrooms where moisture levels are high, Hygienic PVC Cladding is 100% watertight. With all joins sealed with our own specialist Saniclad adhesives your area is completely waterproof.

When comparing hygienic cladding to tiles there are a number of benefits to using PVC cladding. There is no need for specialist tile cutters or grouting. This not only speeds up the fiitiing and installation but is significantly cheaper than tiling. The unique selling point of Hygienic Cladding is its low maintenance factor in contrast to tiles.

Hygienic cladding is extremely durable and does not rust or rot. We recognise that our PVC Hygienic Cladding is becoming the material of choice with both builders and DIY enthusiasts.

For the latest designs and colours and for further information about our Antimicrobial cladding, please contact one of our team for more information.

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